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Freelance Writer

Communication - listening, speaking, connecting - is the heart of any business today. Whether your message is directed to audiences inside or outside your organization, it has to be clear, engaging and actionable. And I’m here to help you do all of those things. I’ll transform your voice, vision and brand into flowing, engaging text that gets the attention of your target audience. You’ll benefit from my ten years plus of freelance writing experience and never-ending professionalism. Let’s talk about what I can do for your next project. Call today or email to get started. You can use a professional onlinelogomaker generator, and this guide is going to introduce you to the eight best free online logo makers on the market today.

Freelance Storyboard Artist

If you are looking for a solid freelance storyboard artist, then you could always checkout Dean Mortensen. He works as a freelance artist on concepts, animatics, storyboards - for the film and advertising industries. His work can be seen at scenesbydean.com


Dean Mortensen - 30 year veteran art director is now a freelance storyboar artist. Dean works in the film and advertising industries, creating visionary concepts in a film narrative that gels extremely well with most film and TVC directors. Working in a variety of styles from quick and slick renders to full color and detailed concept boards.


To get a closer look at the styles that Dean has to offer, you should pay a visit to his website, scenesbydean.com. There you wills more examples of his work, read testimonials of the clients he has worked with these past 30 years and get in contact to hire him for your next job requiring the freelance storyboarding skills he has become in high demand for.